Need help with pattern instructions

Hi, I’ve been a knitter for quite awhile and have just come across a pattern where I am not clear on the instructions. It is a cable pattern that is set in 4 rows. The first row of the set cable pattern is “p1, *p3, C4B, p4, repeat from *” etc. That, I understand. But after the 4 rows of the set cable pattern are done, the pattern reads: “keeping continuity of patt as set proceed as follows: Next row: patt 1, p2tog, patt 7, *p2tog, patt 9, repeat from *” etc. This is the part I don’t quite understand. Would it mean to work1 stitch of the pattern, purl 2 tog and then work 7 sts of the pattern, purl 2 together, then work 9 sts of the pattern, etc? Thanks for any help. Jay

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Yes, that’s exactly what the pattern means. You should see that the pattern continues to repeat as much as possible given the decreases.
What pattern are you making?

Thanks so much! The pattern is vintage Sirdar 3888 for an adorable children’s coat. I usually knit fair isle hats and mittens and plain sweaters, so not too familiar with the type of instructions in this pattern. Thanks again. J.

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Darling coat.

Yes, the cable pattern continues up the body with decreases in the reverse stockinette.

Oooh very pretty I’m tempted to have a go
Would look lovely in pink

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Thanks for helping. I think I have finally got it figured out. I’m used to knitting from charted patterns, so once I converted it to a chart it made a lot more sense to me. Can’t wait to finish it. J.