Need help with pattern instructions for baby blanket

Hi all

    I'm hoping someone out there can help me with my dilemma!!

In the pattern for the baby blanket, there is one stitch pattern that I absolutely don’t understand how to do. The stitch is MK, which it says MK=P2tog without slipping sts off needle, then K2 tog over same sts. Can someone give me a clear explanation of how to do this?? Here is the link that shows the pattern instructions. The pattern is for a blue and white blanket to knit. I’m making this for a granddaughter for Christmas (of course I’m not using those colors for a girl) Thanks so much in advance for any help I can get.

You k2tog, but leave the old sts on your left-hand needle. Your new st is on right-hand needle. Then, with the same sts you left on the left needle, k2tog again. So you will end up with 2 new sts.

I think she meant P2tog and leaving those two stitches on the needle then knit them together again, then drop them off your needle. Does that help?

Oops, that’s right. P2tog first, then k2tog. Sorry!