Need help with pattern for loopy scarf


I am hoping that someone can help me…I’m a somewhat advanced beginner and I’d like to make a loopy scarf. The end of the pattern states:

“Next row: K3. Cast off 12 sts. Fasten off. Slip off first 3 and last 3 sts for loops.
Unravel first 3 and last 3 sts along entire length.”

I understand to knit 3 then cast of 12, but I’m lost after that…I wish I could see a video that shows me. If there is a video or just simple instructions, can someone help me understand how to complete?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Hope everyone is ready for the holidays!

Thank you ~ Happy Knitting!

I’m going with the idea you have 18 sts total right? So just knit the first 3 and BO the middle sts so there’s 3 unbound off sts on each edge. Cut the yarn after the last bound off stitch and fasten the tail however you usually do it. Take the needle out and unravel the remaining stitches. This forms a fringe. There’s no video that I know of - once you get there and do it, you see how it works.

Thanks Suzeeq - Yes, 18 sts, but it still doesn’t make sense bc the pattern has loops along the entire length of the scarf. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the pattern. Can you take a look? Here’s the pattern:

When you unravel the end stitches, the loops are formed along the long edge of the scarf. Your link is to this thread, not the pattern, but it’s here - Just trust the pattern as Ingrid says; It does work.

I have made this scarf a few times…you end of the middle part and leave the last three stitches at the end…so you have three sts at the beg and three at the end…you start unraveling pulling one st at a time from the three…i start with the one that is the farthest in…just pull gently each one…