Need help with pattern directions

I want to make the following Lion Brand pattern

As I was reading over the directions I need help with a certain portion.

When its comes to the directions for the Right Front it indicates that you need to work to correspond to the left front. What is the easiest way to write out the directions for this portion so that I can follow them. I always have a hard time when the directions call for something like this so I tend to shy away from patterns like that.

Thanks for the help!!


All you have to do is flip everything. For example … it looks like the neck edge for the left front would be at the beginning of the row. So for the right front the neck edge would be at the end of the row.

So when the left front says inc 1 st at neck edge, that’d be inc 1 st at the beginning of the row. Flipped for right front would be inc 1 st at the end of the row. Left Front … cast on 2 sts at neck edge = cast on 2 sts at the beginning of the row. For Right Front it’d be cast on 2 sts at the end of the row. Once you understand that “neck edge” is really just a reference for beginning of the row VS end of the row, you really don’t even need to actually write out the instructions for the Right Front. Hope that helps :thumbsup:

It also helps to work both sides at the same time, so you really only have to follow the directions once. This way also you don’t have to worry about the sides being the same length if they are worked at the same time on the same needle.