Need help with pattern directions

I’m working on this hat (named Ella) from the book ‘Hip Knit Hats’, and am confused about part of the directions. It states…
Rnd 3: Turn and k 6 sts just purled.
Using dpn, ** PU 6 sts from the edge of square below and k them

  • turn, p6 sts.
    K5, skp.
    Repeat from * 5x more.
    Repeat from ** (8, 9)x more.
    [I]Rnd 4: [/I]Turn, p 6 sts just knitted.
    Using dpn, *PU 6 sts from edge of square below and p them, turn,
    k6, turn, p5, p2tog, turn, k5, turn, p4, p2tog, turn, k4, turn, p3, p2tog, turn, k3, turn, p2, p2tog, turn, k2,turn,
    p1, pStog,
    repeat from ** around.

On the part where it says “k5, skp” the glossery says “skp” means skip, but I don’t know what that means!?!?! :?? Can anyone help??

SKP does not mean skip. It’s short for slip 1, knit 1, psso which is a decrease.

See, that’s what I thought it meant, but the book glossery threw me off. Thanks!!