Need help with Patons Jumper #4081

Has anyone made Patons Ladies Summer Lace Jumper? I am stuck on this section of the 5th row - “after dropping all of the yrn’s from the previous row, insert right hand needle down to floating strands from previous rows, ybk, then K1, yon, K1 in floating strands”. In the picture of the garment it looks as if the ybk, 2Ks & yon are wrapping around the floating strands creating what looks like a butterfly.
I have tried everything but nothing looks right and I’m totally frustrated because I can usually figure out most things.
Would appreciate any advice. Thank you!

This video shows a similar stitch, at least the part where you put the right hand needle under the ladder of loose strands from previous rows. See the 4 minute mark.

You have yarn overs not slipped sts but that idea is similar. Instead of knitting the next stitch, you’ll actually k1-yo-k1 into the strands. You can do that like this:
Very delicate pretty sweater.

It took many tries but I think I have it. Needed to watch the video quite a few times, looks so easy when they do it!
It is a pretty sweater but didn’t realize how complicated it was. Planning to practice the stitches a bit more before I tackle the sweater.
Again, many thanks.

I also have had trouble with this row thought I got but have not so i carried on its now row 6 , were you do p2tog as so far mine came out on were i cast on 4 but the last stitch. Is there any way you could do a video of these two rows to help thanks or to write up the way you done this ? thanks karenbee

Can you go back now and try row 5 again using the videos above to help or did you get it to work?
I don’t understand what happens on row 6. Is there a cast on at that point? If you need help with row 6, can you quote just that row exactly?

Thank you for getting back.
row 5 is : k1 sl k1 psso yfwd k1 yfwd k2tog - twice cast on 4 backward loop cast on, drop all of the yrn’s from the previous row, insert right hand needle down to floating strands from previous rows, ybk, then K1, yon, K1 in floating strands, cast on 4sts, s1 k1 psso. repeat 4 times.

row 6 : p1 *p2 k1 p7 p2tog p6 * 4 times.

I am working on a tension square so far 12 times, I am counting out each stitch as I go. I did use videos I found one that helped for the loops.on u tube called honeybee lace.

The stitch count won’t stay the same on these rows but you do end row 5 with enough sts to work row 6.
After row 5, the repeat should have 18sts in it and the repeat in row 6 requires 18sts. After row 6 there’ll only be 17sts in each repeat.
It may help to put markers between repeats, even on a swatch, to make sure each repeat has the correct number of sts.

I too have been working on the swatch. I was able to successfully get through row 5 and row six worked out with the proper amount of stitches thankfully. I’ve completed 3 rounds of rows 1-6 and the swatch looks like the picture on the cover as best as I can tell. I really didn’t think I was doing it correctly. For example (ybk - yarn was already in the back from the cast on so I omitted - and the 2 Ks don’t seem to be a typical knit stitches). Somehow it works. Not sure this makes sense.
I have a lot going on this week but thought I could try to make a video & post what I have done. Maybe it will help you karenbee & perhaps you can critique, salmonmac?

So glad it’s working out. Sure, a video or a link to your video would be very helpful. Thanks very much.

Yes a video would be very helpful of you doing rows 5 and 6 and to see what you have done. mainly to see where I am going wrong i am counting each stitch as i go.

In the meantime, karenbee, how many sts do you have before you start row 5 and how many when you finish row 5?

To karenbee & salmonmac - I have posted a video to YouTube called Patons Sweater Instructions. If you Google the name it comes right up.
When it starts with Row 5, the first stitch was knitted then goes from there. The video also shows Row 6.
Hope this helps.

KarenJF, thanks so very much for making the video. Much clearer than many thousands of words. You’ve gone above and beyond!

Thank you, salmonmac, it was my pleasure. I couldn’t have done it without my cameraman, my husband holding the iPhone! It was also the first time I posted anything on YouTube so learned something new as well.

:woot: Thank you for all your help. In the end I done it over 75 sts. and I could then see it much clearer after watching the video. So far I have done three sets and the tension is coming out right on 6.5mm needles.

Terrific news!

So glad it helped!

I have knitted & unpicked this pattern 3 times so far as
I just can’t get row 5 right. I end up one stitch short at the end of row 5 and I can’t get the threading through floating strands stitches right no matter how many times I try. I’m an experienced knitter but this pattern has just bamboozled me! I hate giving up but am on the verge of looking for another pattern. :disappointed_relieved:

Tazzieknitter, I too was incredibly frustrated! I posted a YouTube video. Click on the this link…

Hope this helps.

Hi Karen

Thanks for that - it worked! On my fifth attempt I have made it through two sets of the pattern and it’s looking good. Not able to watch TV whilst I knit this pattern yet but I’m getting there!