need help with my socks

Hi, here I go again, hoping someone can help or direct me to where I can get help. I have knit up a couple of pairs of socks usually a basic pattern and all goes well until I actually finish the Kitchener st which oddly enough ,i didn’t find too difficult to master. My problems arise with the last stitch. It just seems to stick out, and when i try to stitch it in I get this big knot like corner which ends up being an irritate on the toe, also I seem to get holes at the corner of my heel where the instep joins, i am hoping there is a simple fix for these issues.i do enjoy kntiing socks but would never offer these to someone as a gift if this continues

Someone can help with the holes problem but could you give us more info please. What heel did you use and is the hole there or is it laddering between where one needle’s stitches end and the other begins?

This might help with the grafting.

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This is one way to close up the hoes between the gusset and the instep. The knitting goes out of frame a bit but it’s fine for the crucial part.

This is a different approach.


It happens after doing the instep decrease between the 1st needle (where i do the k2tog k1, and the second needle and also where i do the other decrease, so once the sock is finished an it seems like there is a gap from the 1st needle decrease and the 3rd needle decrease. I end up going in and trying to ment the gap but there must be a way to eliminate this or make it tighter.??

I will have a look, I just would like to be able to tighten that corner area up.

Thanks i will check it out ,the gap I am referring to is between needle1v and 2 and needle 3 and 2 ,where the decreases for the instep would happen

Thanks for these videos. I used the first one on socks I’m currently working on. I picked up the 2 legs below running thread and knit together. But instead of having an extra stitch I counted it as one of the stitches I picked up along edge of heel flap so I wouldn’t have an extra stitch to account for. Worked great. No gap!!


Thak you so much for videos, that holes was main reason i avoid knitting socks.

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