Need help with my jumper ! PLEASE

i am knitting my first sweater, and im up to "divide for back neck opening"
I have 59 sts, and it says to
K27 sts, turn.
working on these 27 sts only cont until back measures 27cm, ending on a wrong side row

do i leave the other 32 sts on my needle but just ignore them for this part ?? unsure,
and how do i know which is a ‘wrong side row’?

Please someone help me out

You can leave the other 32 sts on the needle while you work the 27sts. If you don’t like them hanging out on the needle you could move the 32sts to a holder or a length of waste yarn. You’ll get back to them later.
The wrong side row is a row on the interior or private side of the sweater as opposed to a right side row which is on the exterior or public side of the sweater. You’ll end having finished a wrong side row and ready for your next sts on the right side row.

thank you for that i wasn’t sure if i was missing something or not thank you :slight_smile:

Ok so now im wondering if ive done it right it now looks like a square with a long strip at 1 side?

I’m not sure what your dimensiona are but that may be right, depending on how long the long strip is. It should look like one shoulder on the sweater. The next directions are probably to start a new end of yarn, bind off center 5 sts (or place center sts on a holder) and work last 27sts the same way as you did for the first 27sts. The center 5 are the neck opening and the 27 on each side are the shoulders.
What pattern are you following? Can you post a link to it?

thank you !! yes that is pretty much what it says but i just wasn’t sure about about if thats what it was meant to look like because i couldn’t find any images for knitting a sweater that looked like this,.
i have now cast off19 of those stitches and put remaining 8 onto stitch holder and it says:
with right side facing, rejoin yarn to rem 32 sts, cast off 5sts, k to end.
my problem now is how do i rejoin the yarn? do i cut it or keep it whole??? and if i am cutting it how do i rejoin and cast off?
So confused.
THANK YOU soooooo much for helping me figure this out :slight_smile:

You could read ahead to see what happens to the 8sts on the holder. It might be useful to have some working yarn connected to those 8sts. If not, just cut the yarn leaving a 6 inch tail to weave in later.
Use a new end of yarn to knit 2 of the reserved sts, then begin the cast off as usual by lifting one st on the right needle over the other, continue to cast off the center sts, and knit to the end of the row. You can again leave about a 6 inch tail when you start the bind off. Don’t worry about loose sts or a little gap at the beginning of the bind off. That can be tightened up later when you weave in the ends and pick up sts for the neckband.

thanks you are so very clever and helpful !!