Need help with my cable knitting

Hi I’m a biggener in knitting and i loved this hat and started doing it
Everything was fine i cast on 142 st and finished the ribbing …after i increased my stitches to a total of 152 and started the cable patt knit
i found out the work was over 160 stitches ??
Is that possible ? Or maybe i got it wrong
Please if anyone can help me I’d be grateful


That’s a pretty hat! So have you actually tried the cable section yet? I can’t find any errata so I would assume it’s correct. Is it possible you are doing something incorrectly?

Hi thanks for your reply
I knitted so far until this section

With 3mm (US 2) needles cast on 142 sts.
1st rib row K2, [p2, k2] to end.
2nd rib row P2, [k2, p2] to end.
Rep the last 2 rows 3 times more, and then the rst row again. Inc row Rib 17, [m1, rib 2, m1, rib 26] 4 times, m1, rib 2, m1, rib 11. 152 sts.
Change to 3.25mm (US 3) needles.
Work in patt as follows:
1st row K2, [work across the 1st row of cable panel, k2, p2, k6, p2, k2] 5 times.

As you can see it says 5 times to repeat the work below but the number of stitches i have on my needle doesn’t cover the 5 times
Can you see where im stuck ?
Thank u

Okay, I added them up and you’re right. I don’t see why. Hopefully Salmonmac can see.

Here’s the pattern on Ravelry if anyone needs to see it.

Good looking hat.

The cable panel (directions for the cable are above the “To Make” section) takes 16sts and then the repeat continues with 14 more sts for a total of 30sts per repeat. Five times that is 150 plus the k2 to begin the hat gives you the total of 152.

Ohh now i see where i was making a mistake i should only repeat whats in between the []
Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️

Ahhh I see what I was doing miscounting. I counted the M1. Duh.

Hi sorry to bother you
I’m stuck again i finished 10 rows and then the pattern says

T[COLOR=“Red”]hese 10 rows set the cable panels and form the 6-st cable. Work a further 64 rows, ending with a 34th cable panel patt row[/COLOR].

So i thought i should go over the rows again
Until i got stuck on row 15 the stitches doesnt match anymore
What should i do :cold_sweat:

Here’s the pattern

Yes, for the cable panel, continue with rows 11 to 40. For the rest of the pattern row repeat rows 1-10. I would draw up a list of the rows in at least 2 columns with one column the cable panel (1-40) and the other the main pattern rows (1-10) just to preserve my sanity and make it easier to knit without jumping back and forth in the directions.

There’s one thing that the pattern doesn’t specify and that is that as you’re repeating the main pattern rows, don’t follow the direction for 1st row, 2nd row etc of the cable panel. You should continue with the 11th row, 12th row etc.

If you could post a photo of the problem, that might help too.

It’s always possible that there’s a dropped stitch or an accidental yarn over that’s throwing the pattern off.