Need help with mitten instructions!


I’m new to knitting, and I’m now attempting mittens.

I am following pretty good instructions, but I am confused by the instructions for the 4th round for the thumb gusset which reads:

“K1, P1, increase 1 st in each of next 2 sts., K1, P1. Knit to end of round.”

I don’t understand the [B]“increase 1 st in each of next 2 sts”[/B] part.

Does this mean increase 2 knits before I then K1 and P1?
or does this mean to increase 1 knit and increase 1 purl?
or something totally different?

help me!

thanks so much,

You would k1, p1, then kfb (knit into the front and back leg) of the next 2 sts, then k1, p1 on the next 2 and knit to the end of the round. You started with 6 sts, but will end with 8 in that section.