Need help with Metalouse pattern!

Hi All…Am confused by pattern by Stephen West called “Metalouse”, a gorgeous shawl am going to start as soon as my yarn is wound… The abbreviation “slm” is used which I’m guessing means to slip the marker (remove it?). The WS rows do not say to place any marker anywhere. Then the next RS row states “slm” again?! This is probably a dumb question, but how can I slip a marker that hasn’t been placed back “in action”?

Please help me!
And thanks in advance!!

Hi, welcome to KH. Is this your pattern? There are instructions for a set up row under Garter Tab Cast On and before Section 1

Set Up Row [WS]: K3, yo, p1, pm, p1, pm, p1, yo, k3.

that include “pm” or place marker. If the pm instruction is ever omitted, I think it would be a fairly safe bet that it should be in the spot where you’re instructed to slip marker.

That’s a cool shawl and looks like a fun knit. Enjoy! We’d love to see how it goes for you, we just love pictures. :slight_smile:

BTW it isn’t a dumb question, these things can be notoriously hard to spot. I find they’re usually hidden in plain sight when someone else points them out to me. :mrgreen:

Yes, gorgeous scarf and clors!
This is the kind of marker that goes on the needle (a loop of scrap yarn or a store bought circle) Slm is indeed slip marker and this just means to move the marker from the left needle to the right needle. That way, you’ll come to the marker again on the next row.