Need help with Margaret Walker's Peace Sign Charted Pattern

Hello Everyone, I’m new to this list. Has anyone knitted the free Peace Sign pattern by Margaret Walker? This is my first charted pattern and a few things are confusing. I tried searching this database, but couldn’t find what I needed. Please help!

Items on the chart that are confusing to me:

  1. Is the chart correct?
  2. I assume the wrong side is facing so I knit the purl stitches.
  3. Does the v0 in row 5 mean don’t increase?
  4. What is the B or 8 in row 6?
  5. Do I do the / next to the X in row 7?
  6. Are the blank spaces purl stitches (knit stitches if the chart is right side facing)?

I’m trying to get a copy of one of Barbara Walker’s books to see if something in one of them will help me. Until then, please help me!!

Note: Don’t people who chart patterns know how hard it is for a beginner to read a chart with keys that aren’t helpful? It may be better to eliminate the key and just make the beginner keep trying until they either get it or give up.

I tried to search for the pattern, but I couldn’t find it. Where can I access it?

I found it and printed it (not very good quality), and to be honest,

  1. I haven’t done it, don’t know if it’s correct

  2. The symbol is knit, the background is rev st st, not really "wrong side."
    3… 4 & 5 It’s really hard to tell on my copy what it is they want. You might have to experiment

  3. for the back, I would k the k and p the p.

Maybe someone has tried this and can explain the other things. Kind of odd. :thinking:

I found these two other peace sign patterns from a google search. Maybe they’re easier?

Ingrid - Thanks for the information! I’m not giving up on this one. I love a challenge and I’m not giving up until the fat lady (me) sings.

Feministmama - Thanks for the links! I plan to use them.

I found the Peace sign under the Free Patterns tab above. Please forgive me for not including the link in my previous post. I was frustrated with that chart and started seeing red. Thanks again for your help!

Hi again Lindalu, welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting your Q here, and thanks Ingrid and FM for helping, as always! :heart: