Need help with loose weave seam

Hi, I’m maket an open weave market bag. I’ve knitted it flat like the instructions called for. Now I need to sew up the bottom and the sides. I tried to do the mattress stitch but with only 1 stitch on each side before a large yarn over loop, I couldn’t figure it out. one side is 1 knit before a yarn over and the other ends with a knit two together and then a knit 1. Is there a better seam for this to try? :??

I am not the last word on this, but I see no one has ventured an answer yet, so here is my shot at it. Since this is just a market bag and doesn’t have to be terribly beautiful, but strong, I think I would try a overcast seam.

Thanks for your help. I used an overcast seam and it worked fine. If I make another bag I’ll work it in the round and save my self the trouble of the side seam.

I’m glad the overcast seam worked. Your idea of working in the round sounds like a good one.