Need help with lacy flower runner pattern

The pattern is
rnd 1: ch 2, 8 sc in second ch from hook.
rnd 2: ch 3, sc in beg sc, (ch 3, sc in next sc) 7 times.
rnd 3: Sl st to ch-3 sp, ch 3, [U]holding last loop of each trc on hook,
3 trc in beg ch 3 sp, yarn over hook, pull through all 4 loops on hook[/U] pull through all 4 loops on hook-beg 4 trc cluster mde, ch 5, * holding last loop on each trc on hook, 4 trc in next ch3 sp, yarn over hook, pull through all 5 loops on hook.
I know how to trc, but can’t figure out what they want me to do by holding the last loop of each trc
Help Pls

Hi Deb, you can see a video on my website if you click here that might help you understand that stitch instruction. It is not showing exactly your instruction, but you will get the idea of how to hold the last loop of each stitch on your hook until all 3 stitches have been partially completed.

Let me know if that helps you.


You complete the trc the way you always do, but when you arrive to the last part, where there are 2 loops on the hook and you would finish the trc by yo and pulling through the 2 loops, you just leave the 2 loops on the hook and continue with the next trc, and do it the same way, until it states to pull through ALL the loops on the hook.

thank u both.
I did watch your video Mary, and i was able to see what the holding was about.
Deb :thumbsup:

Sounds like trc decreases; they give you 4 trc stitches (on the bottoms) but one stitch on the top. Since they are called clusters I guess they would appear to be puff stitches.


Since it’s a flowery pattern, I guess that stitch produces the petals.
I had done a crochet scarf with flower motif as well, and that had this “stitch” in it as well. For the petals.