Need Help with Lace Bookmark

Hi all,

I am knitting a lace bookmark. There are 18 stitches on the needle. The first two stitches of every row is knitted and the last two stitches of every row is k1, k1tbl. The pattern rows are for the 14 stitches in between these four.

The next row I am doing says:

K1, [yo, sl 1 kwise wyib, k2tog, psso] 4 times, [B]k1–10 sts in center pattern section;[/B] 14 sts total.

I’m confused about the bold part. Is it just saying to knit 1 for 10 stitches? Or is it something more complicated. Thanks.

It’s saying that you’ll have 10 sts in the center lace pattern; at the end it says there will be 14 sts in the whole pattern, then there’s the 2 sts at each edge for the border…