Need help with knitting pattern

I saw a rib scarf with a flat X and a rib but have been unable to duplicate the pattern. Hope someone can help. The basic scheme follows for the right side but do not know how to create the X on the right side or to maintain the X from the back side.

You mean the sts cross like a cable or braid? Look up Cables on google or you tube and you should get several patterns for them.

Basically on every 6th or 8th row, you knit some of the sts out of order. If you have 6 sts, then you slip 3 to another needle or holder, let it flop to the front or back, knit 3 off the left needle, then knit the 3 off the holder. Usually purl sts are done over the sts between the cables and it is like ribbing except for the crossing rows.

No, it is not a cable or braid but a flat X like a twisted knit for a stockinette stitch but what would I do on the usual purl side of the stockinette?

It’s pretty difficult to help without knowing what it looks like…actually seeing it. A lot of times you just purl across and the back side and the design is in the front or knit side. Do you have a link to the pattern or a link to a picture?

You can twist each knit st by knitting into the back of the loop but the purl side is going to look like the usual purl st. Knitting the scarf as a tube would allow you to put a pattern on the front and back. or knitting it flat, double wide and seaming.

You can get a twisted stitch by knitting and purling through the back loop. Why don’t you cast on about 20 sts and experiment with a few different ways to see if you can figure it out.

I regret that I did not get a picture of this scarf to share with you. I have tried several combinations but I am still a novice and have been unsuccessful. Thanks again.