Need help with knitting pattern

I have a pattern for making a baby blanket. For one of the rows the instruction is Yfwd, (k1 p1)twice, k1

My doubt is do I need to take Yfwd each time I do k1 p1 or do I do the Yfwd only at the starting of the row? I did a math calculation by taking the Yfwd only once and am falling short of stitches.

Plzzzzzz help…

Without seeing the full instructions for the row, I’m guessing that you are supposed to Yfwd, (k1 p1)twice, k1 over and over? Which would be:
Yfwd, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, and just keep repeating that. For example, if you were supposed to do that 10 times, and began with 50 sts, that would add on 10 sts and you would have 60. Does that make sense with the actual numbers you’re supposed to get?

The k1 p1 is what you do twice, so you YO, k1 p1 k1 p1 k1 and repeat - if the row has you repeat those 5 sts and the YO across. A yo/yf doesn’t use any sts, btw, it just adds one.

well, its a star pattern which increases row by row,
to start says cast on 1 stitch
row 1 says yfwd k1(this makes 2 stitches)
row 2 says yfwd k2 (this makes 3 stitches)
row 3 says yfwd k3 (this makes 4 stitches)
row 4 says yfwd k2 p1 k1 (this makes 5 stitches)
row 5 yfwd, (k1 p1) twice, k1
row 6 yfwd, (k1 p1) twice, k2
row 7 yfwd k1 *k1 p1 repeat from * to last 2 stitches, k2
row 8 yfwd k1 *k1 p1 repeat from * to last stitch, k1
row 9 yfwd *k1 p1 repeat from * to last stitch k1
row 10 yfwd *k1 p1 repeat from * to last 2 stitches k2

repeat from 7 to 10 row(inclusive) 65 times will give 271 stitches

i was getting 260 stitches, maybe im doin a math error !!!

Maybe you haven’t knit enough rows? I think you need to do another row 7-10 repeat. Doing rows 7-10 65 [I]more[/I] times is 264 rows. Each row adds a stitch and you started the first row 7 with 7 sts + 264 rows = 271 sts. You have 11 sts less and 11 is how many you have at the end of the first row 10.

thx…i guess i made a math error… just wanted to make sure that I did the yfwd just once and not again and again on the same row…