Need help with knitting instructions

Hello, my name is Esmeralda and I just joined I have a problem. I am knitting a sweater and have completed the back and front of the sweater and now I’m knitting the sleeves. I am have lots of trouble reading the instructions, cast on 45 sts. Work in K1, P1 Rib for approx. 1 inch, ending with a RS row. beg with Row 1 in Sl St Weave pattern, this is where I am stuck, inc st by M1 at each edge (every 8th row) (0) times, (every 10th row) (12,) times, then (every 12th row) (6,) times, (81 sts). I have undone the sleeve 2 times and started over again and it does not come out to 81 sts. Can anyone here please help me, in plain English that I can understand, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I just did the math in my head and it does work. When finished with the rib, you increase one stitch on each end after every 10 rows for a total of 120 rows. that will add 24 stitches to the original 45. So now you will have 69 stitches. then you increase every 12th row 6 times for a total of 72 rows. That will add 12 stitches. 12 plus 69 = 81.

Hello labeelady, thank you very much for your help. I will give it a try now that you put it plain and simple, now it seems to make sense. Hopefully, I can finish my sweater now. Thanks again!! labeelady


Esmeralda Garcia,
Salinas, CA