Need help with knitting cowl in the round: curling & cumbersome

Help! I’m knitting a cowl in the round, “the long way”, with thick-is yarn on 15 needles and 29" cord, the biggest cord I could find. It quickly became too small, so I added a 2nd 29" cord just like it, thinking it would be similar to using the 4 double-pointed needle technique. But, it’s really curling, and becoming difficult to continually having to push the yarn along on the 4 needles. What can I do? I’d rather not rip it out. Is there a solution to this? Thank you so much.

Can u post the pattern name or a link to this pattern??? Also, how many stitches do u have on the needles in this picture?


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If you’re using the needles you get at craft stores they can be a PITA (pain in the ass) because the cords curl and aren’t particularly flexible. It’s also normal for something that long to curl around the needles/cord till you get more weight on it…make it longer in other words.

Knitting with two sets of needles is doable, but yes, it will be a bit cumbersome with something so long. I suggest a 40" cable next time. If you like circulars I suggest Knitter’s Pride needles. They are nice and the cords are flexible so less issues with curling.

Hi knitcindy. I’m using (loosely) a Ravelry FREE pattern from Tin Can Knits called Simple Yet Effective. It looks very easy, but very pretty. I want it long to wind around my neck a few times. Here is the photo that attracted me. I’ve ordered a longer cord set on amazon. The feedback seems to suggest that that will do the trick. Let me know what you think. LindaBlueKnitCowl

This looks beautiful!!! I agree with Jan in CA that a cable that is 40-47" long would work better. I buy my super long circs at a local knitting shop.

You’re probably having a tough time pushing the stitches around because they have to go over the 2 sets of needles.


try knitting it side ways as onepice scarf, then if you want to twist, you can twist the entire piece halfway and then seam together