Need help with knitting chart

Hello everyone, I am a beginner level knitter and I need help understanding the following chart. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Here is the chart…

k k k p p p
o / o p p p
k k k p p p
k k k p p p

and here is the kink to the pattern in case my chart din’t make sense.

Now, my question is, do I knit rows 1-4 and then repeat the entire chart or do i knit rows 1-3 and repeat the set? please let me know.

Knit rows 1-4 and then repeat.
Very sweet little dress! Have fun knitting it.

Yes repeat all 4 rows as given. Rows 1, 2 and 4 will look the same, row 3 is the eyelet pattern.

Thank you so much… this really is my life saver site.:muah: