Need help with knitting chart

are chart usually read from top to botom or from bottom upwards?wanted to knit a cow cusion from a book by Zoe Mellor-Knitted Toys- but the instructions and the chart seem daunting and confusing; can anyone help?

many thanks

Once you get a chart down I find they are more handy than written patterns…

A chart is read from the bottom to the top…[SIZE=1](there are some cases where you do work the other way like with a scarf and you want the same image on the other end then you would work the reverse…)[/SIZE]

If the item you are knitting is knitted flat (Right Side and Wrong Side are being knitted) then you will read from right to left on one row, and left to right on the next.

If the item you are knitting is in the round (no ws being worked) then you would just knit only right to left :thumbsup:

I find using a magnetic board helps me keep track of where I am on a chart…or post it notes. I always mark the last part I work in case my chart is disturbed. I also will color code a chart if it has a lot of K2tog or SSKs in the pattern…:thumbsup:

thank you so much for your prompt reply to my queries;
very helpful; will have a go