Need help with knitting animal clothes

i wanted to knit a sweater for my bunny and i found a dog sweater that would work but i am not understanding some of the things in the directions, like it said “Knit 1x1, or 2x2 ribbing for 3” for a mock neck, or 6" or 7" for a turtleneck." im not sure what its asking me to do

I moved your post because it was in the wrong forum. Knitters Knear You is for finding people to knit with in the area where you live. Questions about how to do something can be asked here or in the How-to Forum.

Are you a new knitter? We have a glossary linked at the tab at the top of the page and lots of videos, too.

1x1 ribbing is k1, p1
2x2 ribbing is k2, p2

The length just refers to how tall you want the collar. I suggest for a bunny you do a very short mock neck, maybe 1 inch…they don’t have much of a neck and a turtle neck would probably hide their face. :lol:

if you knit for someone: always ask if the person wants to wear something knit. That includes asking the bunny.

Does your bunny need a sweater? Otherways do not do it, please. :wink:

thanks and im new to the sight so im still trying to figure it out. we lost heat and air conditioning so i wanted to try to make the sweater before winter so hes not to cold, plus i take him for walks

well, usually I would not assume a bunny needs extra pullover-help. But if you think the is freezing, it might be a good idea!
if you do not have heat back before the winter: make a jacket for yourself, as well! brrrrrrrr!

for a pet I would - if at all - make a “jacket” that buttons / closes under the belly but not a pullover. Especially a rabit will not hold still enough to fit him into it.

Remember, that it should not be too tight, anyways. The fluffiness of the fur helps to keep the heat in. If you press it down it might even be colder than before!

Aww that is so sweet you are knitting a sweater for your bunny! Just make sure he doesn’t nom nom on it! I would love to see completed pics with your bunny modeling