Need help with King Cole 3331 pattern on increase row

Im stuck on the increase row, ive 86 stitches and pattern says K5 inc in next stitch, *P2 inc in next stitch, K2 inc in next stitch, repeat to last 5 stitches, K5, then I should have 112 stitches.

The problem is I end up with 125 stitches so I must be doing something wrong, ive googled but cant find anything to help me. Any help would be gratefully accepted as I cant do any more till I get this row sorted, thanks.

What kind of increase are you doing?

Increase in next st usually means KFB (knit front AND back of next stitch).

Count how many sts there are in the next row (the one following the increase row). I suspect something is off but I can’t tell if it’s the increases or the total number of sts at the end of the row (112).

Inc IN a stitch is kfb, not m1 which is [I]between[/I] 2 sts.

Starting with 86 sts the row begins at
5sts p2 k2x19, 5sts =86
k5, increase in next st p2, inc, k2, inc 12 times, p2, inc, k5
That way you end with 7sts 4sts, 4stsx12, 4sts, 5 sts which adds up to 112.
Each increase (kfb or pfb) will use the next st and increase one st.

Sorry Salmon im not sure what you’re trying to say. The row below does have 112 stitches, so it must have something to do with the increases. If I just increase after each P2, K2 it still doesnt add up. If I have 86 to start with and need 112 after the increases that means I need 26 increases, however way I try it I cant get it even out over the row. Any ideas? Thanks

How are you doing the incs? They should be a kfb, not a m1.

It seems like you’re doing an increase [I]between[/I] sts and that’s not what’s called for here. That’s what Sue is saying when she recommends kfb. It an increase [I]in[/I] the next stitch.
When you begin the row you k5 then increase in the next stitch. Read that as k5, kfb. That’s an increase of [B]one st[/B].
For the repeat sts in the asterisks, read p2 pfb, k2 kfb. That will leave you with 4+4sts (the 2 purl sts and the pfb =4; the 2knit sts and the kfb =4). Each repeat increases 2sts and since you repeat 12 time that’s [B]24sts[/B] increased. Finally you’ll have p2, pfb, knit 5. That’s another increase of [B]one st[/B]. So the total increased is 26 which is the difference between 86 and 112.