Need help with KellyK's dog sweater

Has anyone started this that can help me? I sent Kelly a PM, but she’s not online right now.

I measured my dog (not easy because she didn’t want to stand up) and noted the measurements as best I could get them. I did my gauge swatch. Here’s my questions:

  1. Why all the division first of 3 then with 4? I end up with numbers like 2.625 rows per inch and 1.08 stitches per inch. Is that right?

  2. At the “knit the collar” section which is first I get 13.08 stitches and then it tells me to CO the next multiple of 4. Huh? Does that mean 16? Will that fit over her head?

The increase for chest is :?? I’m not good at math. I HATE math. And this is a LOT of math. I’m about to give up. :rollseyes:

When she finds gauge, she has you measure your stitches over 4 inches in three different places. Then you divide that total number by 3 for an average gauge over 4 inches. Then you divide by 4 to get an average gauge per inch.

So once you get your true gauge, you should come up with more realistic numbers.

For example, lets say you measured 20, 20.5, 21 stitches over 3 separate sections of your swatch. You’d have a total of 61.5 stitches, which you would divide by 3 for an average gauge of 20.5 st over 4 inches. Divide that by 4 and you’ll have a gauge of 5.1 stitches per inch.

Multiply that number by the number of inches around the dog’s neck and round up to a multiple of 4 for ribbing.

Thanks Ingrid! I see what I was doing wrong! That should help, but what do you do with the odd decimal amounts?

Okay, I figured it out again.

Measurements over 4 inches; 17.5, 17, 18 = 52.5. Divided by 3 = 17.5, divided by 4 = 4.375.

For the collar I get A+gauge = 51.6 stitches
CO the next multiple of 4= 52

Is this correct based on my measurements? I’m feeling like a real doofus right now which is sad because I’ve always considered myself fairly intelligent. :rollseyes:

I’d probably just round up or down, depending on if I think a little big is better or a little small is better. Somehow I don’t think a few tenths of a stitch isn’t going to make a difference either way.

Yeah, I figured that might work, but… I just tried figuring out the increase part and I’m lost. I think Kelly needs someone more experienced or math smart to work on this sweater. :doh:

You have 52 stitches for the neck? Work the collar for as long as you want.

chest circumference x 4.4 (gauge) = X stitches

X stitches divided by 3 = [color=red]b[/color].

measurement from collar down chest to top of front legs divided by 3 x row gauge = [color=blue]c[/color]

kfb in [color=red]b[/color] evenly across rs row, every[color=blue] c[/color]rows until it is the measurement from collar down chest to top of front legs.

Does that make sense? If not, if you post the measurements I’ll figure it out for you if I’m still up, or in the morning.

Okay. That helps. It confirms that my method was correct. I think I’ll start because sometimes the answer is in the knitting. I’m sure I’ll be back though. :rollseyes: :roflhard:

just think Jan, you’ll be all practiced by the start of the design your own sweater KAL! You’ll be a math WHIZZZZZ

Or insane. :roflhard: I’ve knitted about 3 inches after the ribbing, but I’m not happy with it. I think I’ll frog it and redo it, but I may wait a bit.