Need help with (K2, turn, P2, turn) 3 times

:?? I just don’t get this direction. After I K2 then turn the work over and P2 and then turn the work back to the original side, what do I do with the two knitted/purled stitiches? They are on the left hand needle. Do I move them to the right? Or have I done something wrong in the first place? Thanks so much.

What’s the direction after that? It sounds like the start of a bobble. :thinking:


Thanks. the next instruction is: K8. I have attached a picture of what it is building.

Isn’t that cute!!

I’d probably knit the eight including reknitting those 2 stitches. :thinking: The yarn is on the left needle, but it’s just like starting a new row.


You are a genius. NOW it makes sense! Thanks,
Donna :cheering: