Need help with instructions

I’m knitting bunny ears for a small knitted bunny. Using pattern from [U]luxury yarns, one skein wonders[/U]. P. not understand how to make a tube using the directions slip 1 stitch pwise wyib, repeat. After 1.7 in. Pull needle, squeeze sides together until the stitches separate to form tube. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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It’s a kind of double knitting probably with a single color. There’s also likely to be more to the row, maybe a k1, slip one purlwise in the repeat? When you do that you’re working half the sts on one row and the other half of the sts on the return row. This will form the tube as long as you don’t mix up which sts are worked on which row…

Knitting in The Round Straight

Maybe something like in this video.

Thanks a bunch! I think I’ve got it now! A very helpful video!