Need help with instructions

I am making a layette for my future grandchild. The problem is the instructions are getting the best of me. The pattern is the bonnet from Beloved Blue by Sweet Layettes. The pattern says as follows:

Rows 1 and 2: Bind of 20 sts, work across: 16 sts.

Work even until Back measures approximately 4 1/2", ending by working wrong side row.

Slip sts onto st holder; cut yarn.

Sew sides of Back to bound off edges of Crown.

I have completed the crown but not sure how to continue.
Mostly it is the first 2 rows that have me confused. Can anyone help me or am I doomed to try a different pattern. This one is so pretty.
Thank you

You have the crown sts on the needle. Now bind off the first 20sts and work across the remaining sts to the end. Turn the work and again bind off 20sts. Now you’re going to work on the center 16sts that are left on the needle. The bound off areas just flap at the sides while you work 4.5 inches of the back of the bonnet. When you have 4.5inches, place these 16sts on a holder or spare yarn. You’re going to form the hat shape by seaming one of the bound off 20st edges to the 4.5 inch side of the back and then seam the other bound off edge to the other side of the back. Now you should have the bonnet shape.
It is indeed a very sweet pattern. Good luck with it.

[B][U]Thank you so much.[/U][/B] It now makes so much sense. I can picture it now that you explained it to me. Again Thank You so very much. I was starting to feel the baby would be in college before I got this bonnet done. I still have to make the rest but thought the bonnet would be easy. So much foe thinking.