Need help with instructions

it says this for the basketweave cape pattern

“Work first 4 sts of chart,
work 8-st rep 9 times, work last 7 sts.”

is it saying:work the 1st 4 stitches according to the the corresponding row, repeat the 8 st section 9 times all the way through the row until you reach the last 7 stitches, where you keep going according to the chart?

I can understand the 1st 4 stitches for the odd rows - RS.

but what about following the instructions for the even rows -WS?

to follow the chart wouldn’t it be the reversal of the instructions :“Work first[B][U] 7 [/U][/B]sts of chart,
work 8-st rep 9 times, work last [B][U]4 [/U][/B]sts.” instead?

:think: Is this the cape from Vogue Knitting?

Ok, for the chart on the odd rows you would read the chart right to left so it would be the 4st, 8st repeat, 7st…and then the even rows on the chart are read left to right…so it would be 7sts, 8sts repeat, 4st :thumbsup:

I’m up to the left side section. I’ve done the 1st lot of Next row (RS) and now onto the 2nd lot - 15 stitches on the stitch holder. Now it says “Pick up 3 sts behind the 3 border sts, work
to end-18 sts.” how to pick up 3 stitches behind the 3 border stitches. Does it mean I double the thickness of the 3 border stitches by another 3? so 3 front and 3 back? ALso if I do 3 front & 3 back it means I can’t continue garter stitch, cause I’ll be knitting 3, turn, knit 3.

When I did that cape I literally picked up three stitches in the three garter stitches and then continued across the rest of the row. I picked the three stiches up the same way one picks up stitches for a neck band.

There is a three stitch overlap where the slits are, with the outside of the cape flap for the slit overlapping the center of the cape flap slit. This way when the cape is hanging there is no gap.

I hope this helps.

okay thanks!! it doesn’t look that way in the diagram or photo.

Giggle. I am now motivated to do the other front piece. The back and first front piece are hovering over me as a UFO. A bulky wool cape just in time for Memorial Day!

is : dec 1 st every other row twice. the equivalent of decrease 2 st every other row?

No. The first is 1 dec on 2 different rows, the 2nd is 2 decs on just one row.

so its

knit 1 row
decrease 1st stitch on 2nd row
knit 3rd row
decrease 1st stitch on 4th row?


I think I am now using this same pattern, and am stuck. On the left front, I’ve divided for the arm slits, have placed stitches on the 2nd holder, and am at the point of working stitches from the first holder.
The instructions say to pick up 3 stitches behind the border stitches, work to end… 18 stitches. I need very explicit help here. Do I transfer the 15 held stitches to my needle? I’m assuming the picked up stitches are created at the slit side, but HOW?