Need help with instructions for heel in this baby sock pattern please!

Hi, I’m new to this forum and really hope someone can help! I’ve got to the part where I’m working short rows with wrapped stitches at each end for the heel. I’ve underlined the bit I’m stuck on - when it says ‘until 8 sts have been worked’ am I right in thinking this means until I work a row which is purl 8 sts, SW 1 st and turn? That would mean I’d be ready for a knit row next. But when I’ve done this it then has me wrapping an already wrapped sts on the next row which didn’t look right when I tried to incorporate the wrap up into the st. I hope that makes sense! I feel like I’m going mad trying to get this right! Any advice in dealing with wrapped stitches gratefully received! Thanks, Helen

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I have found lifestyle toe up socks to be the easiest and fun too. Here is a link for short row held with no wraps no holes. It’s so easy to learn, hope it helps!
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You will do these evenly in pairs. You work a knit row, wrap, turn, then flip your work and do a purl row, wrap and turn.If you are working 8 stitches, you will have four on the left side of your work and four wrapped stitches on the right. Working ten stitches will give you five on the left and five on the right. Here’s a video that explains it. This does not have the wrap and turn. It is Priscilla Wild’s no wrap short row heels. But it will demonstrate how you will need to do this . Just do your wrap and turn and ignore the picked up stitches in the video, if you want to do your pattern as written.

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GG, FOLiPJs great minds thinking alike.
Helen79, how does your pattern define SW? What is the name of the pattern?

Thanks everyone! The pattern is Free Knitting Pattern Lion Brand® Wool-Ease®
Knit Child’s Two Color Socks Pattern Number: 70295A - SW (slip and wrap) Bring yarn to front of work, slip next st, turn, wrap yarn around slip st and slip same st back onto right hand needle. On next row, work wrapped st by picking up wrap and working together with st on left hand needle.

I found another pattern and have finished my first ever sock! I’ll post a picture xx

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Congrats! It looks very nice!