Need help with increasing

Hi everyone!
I’m very new to the world of knitting. I basically just taught myself to knit (and thanks to this site, I think its working!!!)

I picked up a book that has you practice increasing and decreasing by making these little (or big) beanbag-like balls. (MY kids would love these)

Anyway, I cannot seem to get these increases going. Basically you cast on 6 stitches. Then you increase each stitch by knitting into the back of the same stitch, ending up with 12 stitches. Then you purl into those and the next row increase again getting 24 stitchest etc… I think I’ve almost got it, but I have a couple of questions.

1st. It seems like each stitch that I try to increase gets consecutively tighter and tighter to the point where I cannot seem to get my needle through the back of the same stitch. My muscles in my fingers are killing me after trying to do this stitch on and off all day.

2nd. I think this stitch is called a bar increase (at least it seems that way from the description in my book and on this site). I notice in the video here, that the working yarn is wrapped around twice (after knitting into the same stitch). I haven’t been able to master this either. Is there a trick to it?

3rd. While knitting into the back of the same stitch, I inevitably have many of my stitches fall off my needles (as I am trying to manipulate them to pick up that stitch). Would bamboo needles help with all this slipping? (I’m using aluminum).

Re-reading my problem here, I’m not sure if I’m making myself clear. :thinking: Basically, should the yarn be that tight? (I’ve tried casting on so that its not so tight, but that doesn’t seem to help). I just feel I’ve got to be doing something wrong probably making this more difficult than it should be.

Amy :slight_smile:

Check out all the videos on THIS PAGE. That should help!

Actually, I did view these videos, but I still am not sure I’m doing this right. My stitches are so tight. I’m not sure what she is doing when she seems to wrap the working yarn around the needle twice after she has put the needle through the back of the loop. I can barely get my needle back through to knit it. Does that make sense? Is this just an increase that is always this tight? (again, in the video she seems to have no problem with tightness).

I am just getting a bit frustrated. I’ve tried casting on as losely as possible, but inevitably while trying to increase, the other stitches on my needle fall off because of all my pushing and pulling trying to get the increase off the needle.

Am I just making this harder than it is???

When I knit into the front and back of a stitch, I don’t wrap the yarn twice, so I’m not sure what you mean. In knit in the front, don’t slide it off, then knit in the back, sliding the stitch off then. I would imagine that there would be some tightness, especially if you have to purl twice into the same stitches again.

I wonder what would happen if you did M1 increases instead between each stitch? Just an idea.

THanks for all your help. I must have re-watched that video one million times. I think the way she wraps her working yarn around her needle after she knit in front, was just confusing me.

This stitch is still VERY tight, but I think I’ve got it down. Hopefully, when I start knitting other things, the pattern will use a different type of increase.

Now keep your fingers crossed that the decrease isn’t as tough for me LOL :wink:

Thanks again!

Amers - I started using bamboo needles and love them! At first I had some troubles and hated them, since I think I knit a little tight, but it definitely helps with preventing the needle from flying out. Also, it’s amazing how light they are! Even though I never thought of the aluminum needles as being “heavy”.

Also, here is a nice article from knitty on knitting too tightly, it helped me quite a bit.

Hi Amers…
I’ve had the exact same problem that you’ve described (the really tight increased stitches). I found, that when you knit into the front of the stitch, pull on the yarn, then knit through the back of the stitch, and pull on the yarn again. This seems to make the stitches a little looser.

((I hope I described this correctly…)) :thinking:

Wow everyone! Thanks for the GREAT advice. I was doing what the article that hippodamia referred me to. I was giving that extra little “tug” making my stitches EXtra tight. I also tried to do what GlenBoRTR said to do with the stitches and that too seems to be working. I am still not very happy with this increase and I hope the more I knit the easier it will become (I also hope that I’ll be able to incorporate another increase stitch instead of this particular one. I’ve heard that some of the other increases are a little bit easier).

Anyway, I’d just like to thank you all for taking the time to read my plea and then even answer it. THis is a wonderful board full of great people. I am so glad I was told to come here.

You’ll find that the ball you’re making is the only pattern in the world that has you increase on every single stitch, both sides. After that, increasing will be a breeze!