Need help with Inc rnd

Cont as established, working inc rnd every other round having 1 more st between incs for 120 sts? OK so I have ripped this guy back three times…What is 1 more st between incs…when I am already “inc”

Okay on the round before this instruction it has you ‘K2, inc in next st’; so for the next inc round you would k3, inc in next stitch, then after that k4, inc in next stitch and so on.

Big giant DUHHHH for me…Thank you, been racking my brain for a week…NOTE: pat is classified as [B]Easy…[/B] although you start with 6sts, div onto 3 etc etc…then join, then inc:teehee:

It’s the opposite of when you decrease for a hat and do k8, k2tog, then then next dec is k7, k2tog, and so on…

I don’t think this one qualifies as “big giant duh” material. That’s definitely NOT the clearest way I’ve ever heard that put. It would be helpful if pattern writers weren’t averse to using vowels.