Need Help with Illusion Pattern

[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Hi, I need help with knitting a pattern for a scarf for my friend. It’s called the Dark Mark Illusion Scarf (she loves Harry Potter) and the pattern I’m using is here: I haven’t gotten very far into the scarf yet; I’m only up to Row 9 in Chart 1, so there’s a little bit of the bottom of the Dark Mark showing. I’ve been following the pattern exactly, and I’m just a bit concerned about the way mine is going to turn out because it doesn’t look as raised/pronounced as the Dark Mark in the picture. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong, or if someone has suggestions?

The main thing with illusion knitting is to have the stitches a bit tighter than you might normally. Also if the yarn is fuzzy, it won’t show up as well. The weights of the yarn has to be the same, too.

If yours meets all these criteria, then give it some more time.

[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Yes, I’m knitting tightly and my yarns are Cascade 220, so they’re fine. I think the problem is actually just the direction that I’m looking at it. Thanks! :] [/FONT]

The difficulty with knitting an illusion scarf is that it is hard to see the actual pattern. Just keep working on it. When you have enough done, you should be able to angle the scarf and see the pattern. These are very satisfiying projects when completed. Good luck and have fun

Don’t forget you need to hold it at an angle to see the design.