Need help with Huggable Hedgehog

Hi all I need some serious help :slight_smile: I am working on Fiber Trends Huggable Hedgehog and have worked my way on to the back… Well I am starting the short rows and now TOTALLY confused! It says:

Begin first set of short rows:
k39, w&t, k5, w&t, k6, w&t, k7, w&t, k8, w&t, k9, w&t, k10, w&t, k11, w&t, continue as established, working one more stitch before the wrap and turn each row, until you have worked k35.

So does this mean after the k11, w&t, I would k12, w&t, k13, w&t, k14… etc?? Until I hit w&t, k35???




I have completed the front of the cute little hedgehog, but I am stuck on the “Paws” section. I don’t understand what picking up the stitches does? I guess I can’t visualize it even when I look at the picture.:???:

Picking up stitches so you can add the different colored paws. If you look at your lil guy laid flat his lil arms will come out from body then up, almost like he is holding his hands up in the air. Then using the new color, stick needle into one “hole” pick up the new color and pull through, then do it again until you have 12 stitches picked up along the LONG side of his little arm. This will eventually create a different colored hand on each arm and a different colored foot on each leg. Then when you sew it up it will have the lil legs and arms like a regular stuffed animal… Did that make any sense??? lol

That does make sense. I guess when I look at the picture I can’t see adding stitches to the long side will make the little paws that stand out in the front. I guess I will just have to follow the pattern.

Thanks for your help.