Need help with hood

I am finished knitting the hood and I need to do a 3 needle bind off. I dont have a problem with the bind off I am confused where the pattern says to place half of the hood stitches on a 2nd needle. Do I just slide half of the stitches off the needle on to the second needle? I am in St st so I finished with a purl row and have a knit row facing. If I slid the stiches off and went to do the bind off, the yarn attached to my work would be at the other end of my work is that okay?:???: Not sure if I am making any sence. :wall:.

Yes, put half your stitches on another needle, it can even be a different size. Then fold the hood in half with the knit stitches on the inside and the 2 needles parallel with each other. Your yarn should be at the end of one needle or another, it doesn’t matter which, then you can start the BO.

Thank you for you time and answering my question. This Website has made my knitting experiance less fustrating and I have learned so much just reading other peoples questions.