Need help with Honeycomb check "draw up a loose loop"

I’m knitting the Honeycomb Check Dishcloth
And I can’t figure out how to do row 5.
" *Insert RH needle from front of work into center dec st from 3rd row and draw up a loose loop. Place this loop on RH needle. P3. Insert cable needle or crochet hook into front of same center dec st from 3rd row and draw up a loose loop. Place this loop on RH needle. P1. Rep from *
Do I insert my needle through the fabric from the front to the back or do I insert my needle through the v of the stitch on the front of the fabric or do I only use the right side of the v of the stitch for the first time and the left side of the stitch for the second time? Does “draw up a loose loop” mean the same as “pick up a stitch”?
I would really appreciate any help. I’ve been searching the internet for hours!

When you draw up a loop, you want to insert the needle from front to back through the st so that it’s perpendicular to the fabric, wrap the working yarn around the needle tip and take that loop back through the fabric to the front of the cloth. You’ll bring the yarn loop up to and place it on the RH needle. Do this loosely so the yarn isn’t pulling on the knitted fabric.

So the needle goes through the fabric and not just the v part of the stitch. TY so much. I’ll try this and see how it works. I was getting [B]very[/B] frustrated!

You’ve got it, through the fabric. I can’t see the pattern yet because my registration hasn’t kicked in but you should be able to see from the picture just how tightly or loosely to keep the loop.

It makes lots of sense to use a hook for this too. I think I was confused because the instructions on the 3rd row are specific about keeping the “center” of the decrease stitch on top.

A crochet hook will work well for this too. The benefit of using the needle if you can is that you don’t have to stop and pick up the hook. But you have the choice. The centered decrease is always pleasing and looks good with the pull through loop.

I understand how to do the loop, what I don’t understand is from which row to draw it. The directions say the third row below, but I’m not sure it doesn’t mean the row just below nd the third row only means the row which contains the directions for the decrease/:knitting:

Welcome to KH. You’re knitting into the stitch 3 rows below. Count down to the third row and just knit into the stitch as directed. HTH