Need Help with Heel of Stocking

Hello everyone! I am a first time knitter and am making a Christmas Stocking. The pattern is online here:

Right now I am ready to start the “Heel” part of the pattern, but I want to make sure I do it right since I’ve done hours of knitting to get to this point!

It says to join yarn at left outer edge, between the two dpn’s that I have. Between the two needles is the instep part, about 7 inches wide and 5 inches higher than the 2 dpn’s. Based on this pattern, do I join the yarn on the bottom left edge of the instep part when the right side is facing me, or the right edge? I know the pattern says left outer edge, but that would make the yarn be close to the left needle and not the right needle, which is normally where the yarn is when you are working a row.

Also, how exactly to I join the yarn here? All I can find is how to join yarn when you run out of one ball and need to join another where the tail of the first ball is, so nothing on how to join in a stitch that is in a random other place of the pattern.


It may mean the left edge if you were wearing it. Would that make sense?

To ‘join’ yarn, all you do is start knitting with it, leaving a tail long enough to weave in later.

“Join yarn at left outer edge of stocking (between dpns) and knit sts from left dpn onto right dpn = 32 sts now on one dpn. Continue with both dpns and work back and forth in rows as follows:…”

Based on the instructions above you’re to join between the 2 dpns. They want you to orient the 2 dpns at the top with the right side facing you and then add the new end of yarn [I]between[/I] the 2 dpns so that you’re knitting from the left dpn onto the right dpn. That way the yarn is in the right place and you’re knitting as usual from the left needle to the right needle. Don’t worry if the first st is loose you can always snug it up by tugging on the tail end of yarn.