Need help with heart pattern :)

I have been following this pattern on making hearts:

I have been following this pattern with a lil guess work and improvising…not knowing what RS means, is it important? the pattern is for making stuffed hearts but what I have knitted so far (I have knitted up until the 2nd hump) looks like it is going to make a flat heart shape:

am I right in saying that the pattern makes up one side of the heart and I have to make another and sew the two pieces together? It doesn’t say anything about sewing two separate pieces together. Or is the one piece I’ve knitted meant to fold into a heart shape? :S

If what I have done so far is correct… I am stuck on the instructions for the 2nd hump, “pick up 3 sts in 3 cast-on sts,” how do I do this? because I have to add new yarn in right?

RS means “right side”. The right side row is on the public side of your work. Since these are in stockinette stitch, it’s fairly obvious what the right side is, so it’s not so important here. The rows where you purl are the wrong side rows (WS).

For the second hump, the key is to look back to what you did for the first hump. You cast on 3 stitches there, and those are the stitches that you need to pick up the stitches in. Then you knit the stitches from the holder and continue on. And yes, since you cut the yarn in the second decrease row, you will need to add new yarn when you pick up those stitches.

Hope that makes sense!

RS means right side. The right side is the not-bumpy side. You have a side with bumps and a side without bumps.

As to the heart shape, it’s some very strange pattern, I don’t really get it, but apparently you just knit 1 piece and fold it so that it makes a heart shape (Sew the end of hump 1 to cast of stitches and such things, it’s in the pattern.)

You cast on 3 stitches there, and those are the stitches that you need to pick up the stitches in.

Ah, I thought the pattern meant the original cast on stitches. Now it makes more sense to me :smiley:

ic, I have a big hole between the two humps :S I think I picked the wrong stitches, I will try again and mark those cast on stitches and see how it goes…

Here’s a different pattern for little hearts: Hearts

You don’t have to pick up any stitches to make the second hump. You make two and sew them together - makes a super-cute cat toy if filled with catnip!