Need help with hat size

I just finished this hat:

but it’s waaaaaaaay too big! Is there any easy way to shrink it? I’ve never really tried anything like that before, and, alas, I threw away the wrapper of the yarn, and am not entirely sure what all was in it (not sure how much of it was wool, etc., but am sure it’s not 100%).

Or, is there an easy way that I could reduce the size of the pattern should I attempt another one? Or should I try making my stitches tighter? Thanks in advance!

If you remember the name of the yarn, you could try looking it up on YARNDEX to see if its machine washable…if it has ANY acrylic content, it shouldnt felt in the wash, I THINK…( I should add SOME kind of disclaimer to that statement,just in case)

Had you done a gauge swatch? (Not like I ever do gauge swatches…) With chemo caps that may be more important since you want it to be snug.

You may want to try doin it on smaller needles…

I did do a gauge swatch, and it was only an eighth of an inch too big, which I figured would be okay since I have hair, and the hat is a chemo cap, and designed for people without it. I’m thinking I need to make my stitches tighter, and maybe use smaller needles next time. Thanks!

You know, I just used one of their patterns and had the same thing happen – my hat turned out humongous! Luckily I realized it before I was done, and was able to frog and start over (if you call that lucky!). I had swatched and my gauge matched the pattern and everything. :??

hmm… what did you do to make it the right size? I really like the hat, and I’d like to try another one eventually!

Well…my hat was much simpler…just th ebasic roll-brim one…so it was easy to scale the pattern down. Not sure about the aviator one tho… :??