Need help with hat pattern

I am knitting a hat (tam) with a pattern from “Where Did You Get That Hat”. The pattern reads as follows:

1st dec round: (k2, k2 tog) to the end of the round (75 sts) This is where I am in the pattern…Then it reads…Work a further 2 inches.

2nd dec round: (k2, k2 tog) to last 3 sts, k1, k2 tog (56 sts). Work a further 1 inch…and so on

Confusing in that, do I go around the 75 stitches with the k2 k2 tog for a further 2 inches before I start on the 2nd dec round?

:?? :??


I think you’d just go back to whatever stitch you were doing the row before (probably knit) for those two inches. Otherwise your hat is going to get really small really fast!

I’ll give you the remaining directions so you may be able to figure that out :rofling: because I have the hat now on dpn’s and I’d certainly hate to mess up at this point as much as I dislike dpns :lol:

After doing initial ribbing, you change to novelty yarn and larger needle and knit 2 inches…Then,

1st and 2nd dec round as I stated above…then, 3rd dec round: (k1, k2 tog) to the last two sts, k2 tog (37 sts)

Next round: knit

4th dec round: k1 (k2 tog) to end (19 sts)

Repeat the last 2 rows once (10 sts) Cut yarn and draw up through sts tightly.

Since it did not specify to knit for those 2 inches, I question whether I should just repeat the k2 k2tog again for 2 inches.

Right…so only do those k2tog on that one round–that’s the decrease round. You don’t want to decrease in between the decrease rounds, if that makes sense. :smiley: The numbers in parenthesis tell you how many stitches you should have left after completing that one decrease round. I would continue to knit for the in-between rounds.

Thanks Mer…that does make sense…I probably switched to dpns a little sooner than I needed to…but needed the practice!

That is VERY strange for the pattern to have “work a further 2 inches”. It simply makes no sense. :??