Need help with hat pattern slipped stitches

I’m working on this pattern

I’ve reached the point after the 5-1/2" of garter stitch, where I start to “work the top of the helmet”. I’m trying to figure out the next two rows, with all the slipped stitches. Do I carry my yarn behind all those slipped stitches and pull it tight when I knit that 12th stitch? Seems it will bunch then… is that intentional (maybe I’m making the little peak at the crown of the head? Then, I assume, I psso only one stitch.

Am I reading this right? Just having a hard time visualizing.

Thanks for the help!

You are working short rows hun. Those slip sts go with a k1 and then pass the slipped stitch over. It’s a decrease. But yeah, you are turning the top of the hat like you would for the heel of a sock.

I chose to use a chunky yarn on 8s, so it’s tough to pull that K st tight past all those slip sts. This is what I need to do though, right? (Never made a sock… yet. :slight_smile: )

oh NOO hun,
You are familiar with binding off right? Basically what you are doing is slipping one stitch, then knitting that next stitch and then taking the slip stitch just like in binding off and pulling it over that knitted stitch. Hence a SKP or SKPSSO, which you will find a lot in patterns with shaping.
Umm and there’s only one sl st per row and it’s taken care of when you pass it over the knit stitch. I don’t get where you are having multiple slip stitches.
You are turning where it says to turn and not going all the way to the end, right?

Oh my gosh! LOL… I just looked at the pattern online again. I’m working off a printed copy of the pattern and the font printed so that it looks like “S11” instead of “Sl1”! That’s where I got so confused. I thought I was supposed to slip 11 sts! Yikes! It was my fabulous printer’s fault. Now it makes perfect sense, as I’ve worked short rows before. Thanks so much for trying to understand my confusion. I’m fine now. :slight_smile:

Thas k hun, glad I could help anyway. LOL!!
Need to slap that printer anyway ROFL:roflhard: