Need Help With Grandmother's Favorite With Heart

[color=violet][b]I am knitting a Grandmother Favorite with Heart dishcloth, and expanding it to a 10" square out of Worsted Weight Acrylic yarn for a blanket on size 9 U.S. needles.

My problem is knitting the heart in the expanded pattern, so that it will come out correctly. It started great on the increases. I had increased it to 52 stitches just like I did for the plain Grandmother’s Favorite below, which turned out perfect, but when I started to decrease is where I went into trouble. I am not getting the curves right, don’t know how many rows before the V part of the heart starts, and messing up on the rows.

When I did the Grandmother’s Favorite 52 stitches came out to be perfect for a 10" square on size 9 U.S. needles with the same yarn.

Here’s how I did it…

When I knitted the Grandmother’s Favorite (plain one) I used the 9’s and I had to knit it to 52 stitches to get the 10" square. That is how I know that I had to increase the rows for the Grandmother’s Favorite with Heart too, so that means that the rows would have to change. What I did was increase row 36 5 times (16,18, 20, 22, 24) to get the 52 stitches, but when I started to decrease starting with row 38, and changing the number to 9-26, 8-28, 7-?, and that part is where I messed up. I need someone to help me by modifying the pattern, so that I can knit it.

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If I understand your question, the answer would be (I think…)

starting with roll 38:
8-28, 7-30, 6-32, 5-32

starting at equivalent to roll 46:
k5, p15, k2, p15, knit across
k5, p13, k4, p13, knit across
k5, p11, k6, p11, knit across
k5, p9, k8, p19, knit across
k5, p7, k10, p7, knit across
k5, p5, k12, p5, knit across
k5, p3, k14, p3, knit across

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Does any one know the corrections to this. I have writen to the person that posted it but can not get an answer. I have not done alot of there picture squares so not sure how to fix it. Please take a look at let me know.

[COLOR=red]Row38:k1.k2tog,yo,k2tog,p16,k across(this in the directions)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]Then it says to do this.[/COLOR]
Row39:k2,yo,k across.
Row40 k1,k2tog, yo, k2tog, knit across and all odd rows until finish
Row41:k2,yo,k across.

This can not be correct. I have a purl row right in the middle of the right side of the heart.


[B]Thank you[/B]

From reading the rest of the pattern it looks like they are purling in the heart rows before that also. 4,6,8,10,12,14,16…

O.K. :pray:
I charted out the instructions as written
The row numbers are incorrect, but the actual instructions are right.
This is the corrected pattern as I see it. [B]Bold[/B] figures are my corrections.

Cast on 4
Row 1 knit
Row 2 k2, yo, knit across
Repeat Row 2 until you have 28 stitches
Row 24 k2, yo, k11, p2, knit across
Row 25 k2,yo, knit across and all odd rows up to [B]37[/B]
Row 26 k2, yo, k11, p4, knit across
Row 28 k2, yo, k11, p6, knit across
Row 30 k2, yo, k11, p8, knit across
Row 32 k2, yo, k11, p10, knit across
Row 34 k2, yo, k11, p12, knit across
Row 36 k2, yo, k11, p14, knit across
Row 38 k1,k2tog, yo,k2tog, k8, p16, knit across
Row [B]39[/B] k1,k2tog, yo, k2tog, knit across and all odd rows until finish
Row [B]40[/B] k1,k2tog, yo,k2tog, k6, p18, knit across
Row [B]42[/B] k1,k2tog, yo,k2tog, k5, p18, knit across
Row [B]44[/B] k1,k2tog, yo,k2tog, k5, p7,k2,p7, knit across
Row [B]46[/B] k1,k2tog, yo,k2tog, k5, p5,k4,p5, knit across
Row [B]48 [/B]k1,k2tog, yo,k2tog, k5, p3,k6,p3 , knit across
Row [B]50[/B] k1,k2tog, yo,k2tog, , knit across
Repeat Row [B]50[/B] until you have 4 stitches on the needle.

Ok Question. You said Row 25 is k2,yo, knit across and all odd rows to [B]39.[/B] Didn’t you mean to row 37 ?

:oops: Sorry, yes you’re right. I was thinking of up to, but not including 39, but it is 37
Corrected on my post

According to what’s written, it would have to be. You start decreasing on 38…