Need help with Granama's bootie confused

I am doing this Bottie pattern that my late grandmother passed on to me. I am not exprienced at knitting and following patterns is hard for me. Anyone to help? There are two places that I have with:

1.K12, slip on holder for right side, do not break yarn; join another end of yarn and k next 12 sts for instep; slip remaining 12 sts on holder. work back and forth in stockinette st on 12 sts of instep for 2 ins.
-this is half way through and I am lost. What? I understand the holder part but the rest… I do not understand!

2.K28, break yarn, leaving 18-in. end. Weave sts on needles together.
-this is the last part and I have no idea what it is telling me! do it want me to cast off? If so why did it have me knit 28? and what is breaking yarn?

Please help me if you can!

  1. It seems you have 36 sts on the needle - k12, put them on a holder. Take another end of yarn, k the next 12, put the last 12 sts on a holder too. Just knit on the middle 12 sts.

  2. Break yarn is just an old term for cut the yarn, guess the scissors are with the sewing stuff in the other room…
    You don’t bind off, it sounds like you fold the piece in half and graft the sts together. Look up Kitchener stitch on the Tips page under Finishing; you might be able to do a 3 needle bind off which is also there.