Need help with gauge knitting sweater


I am going to be starting one of my first sweaters. I’ve only knitted a scarf before. I bought relatively nice yarn and now I need to knit a test swatch. Am I supposed to use my nice yarn for this? I came from crochet, and I find it rather hard to unknit. How can I save my yarn after the test swatch to ensure I have enough yarn? Thank you so much!


Hi and welcome!
Yes, use the yarn that you’re going to use for the sweater to knit the swatch. You can certainly save the swatch until you finish just in case you need the yarn. However, it’s a good idea to wash and block the swatch so it may not be the ideal source for use in the sweater.
It is always a good idea to purchase extra yarn, maybe just an extra skein, to make sure you have it in case needed. Many times it can be returned to the shop or you can use it to knit something else.
Have fun knitting the sweater.