Need help with gauge (again)

I posted earlier about checking gauge…making sure I was reading the instructions correctly.

Now I have another question. I’m making the “Easy Pullover” found on knittingpatterncentral. It calls for knitting worsted and size 8 needles, and the gauge is 9 sts equal 2 inches and 6 rows equal 1 inch.

I’m using Caron’s “Pounder” yarn. I did a swatch with size 8 needles and the gauge didn’t match. Went down to 7’s…still didn’t match. I’m now down to 6’s, and I still can’t get it to match. I’m getting roughly 6 1/2 stitches to equal 2 inches. Is it possible that I have to go down 3 or 4 needles sizes to get it to match? (The 6 rows equal 1 inch works on the 6’s, but I don’t think that’s the important measurement) Can ANYONE get 9 stitches to equal 2 inches on size 8 needles? :??

I know the instructions are to trust the pattern, but this just seems too weird…I’m generally don’t knit really loose, and can’t figure out why I’m having to go down so far on needle sizes to get the thing to match. And, the thought of working with 3’s, 4’s, or 5’s through a whole sweater is daunting to me. :oops: I’m used to making scarves and blankets and using big needles.

If anyone has a spare moment (and if you’re like me, there simply aren’t many of those), could you run up a swatch and see if you can get 9 sts to equal 2 inches? I really want to know if it’s just me.


For me, worsted weight and a size 7/8 needle gets about 18sts/4" which is the same as the 9sts/2" that you’re talking about. It’s a very common gauge for worsted weight, actually. All I can think is that you’re a very loose knitter - since up till now you’ve been making scarves and blankets…stuff that doesn’t need to ‘fit’ and you may not have checked gauge, perhaps you’ve been knitting loosely all along?? :shrug:

maybe you could post a pic of your swatch, it might help us if we can see how you knit :shrug:

If you can’t get the gauge on the needles you’d like to use, knit a smaller size of the sweater. If the `fabric’ of it isn’t too loose for you, then go with it.


Could you be using 8mm needles instead of US size 8 needles? (US8 is about 4mm.) That might explain the loose gauge.

Nope. I’ve used US 8,7, and 6.

This picture is what I get with the size 6’s…still not right, unless I’m measuring wrong. Any ideas? Feeling the fabric, it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s a loose knit…

Of course, the picture is much larger than the actual knitted piece…but being a computer moron, I had to have someone else take the picture and put it on a disk, and he had it even bigger than this… :whoosh:

Huh…are you sure you’re measuring right? It doesn’t look like loose knitting, and 6 1/2 st=2" is pret-ty loose! I’m working with worsted and #8s right now, and I get 9 1/2 st=2"

It could very well be the difference in the yarns used. The one in the pattern might be slightly thicker than the Caron, which would account for the difference. So I wouldn’t worry about what size you need to get gauge compared to the pattern since not all worsteds are equal.

Well, I’m using one of those plastic gauge checkers that have the 90 degree angle cut out of it to do lenght and width…I’m totally at a loss.

Should I just use the needles and make the pattern for a larger size and hope it works out in the end? :shrug:

Would it be thicker or thinner…wouldn’t thinner give you more stitches, whereas I’m ending up with less than I’m supposed to have.

My head hurts. :wall: LOL!!! :rofl:

:oops: Yes, thinner, but you know what I mean. :teehee:

Apparently the Columbia Minerva knitting worsted that the pattern calls for is no more, but I did find a blog through Google where someone is making a pattern from the 30’s or 40’s, and they say the Minerva knitting worsted is more like a DK. Looking at Coats and Clark’s site, that would be a thinner yarn than what I am using. Great intuition Ingrid!!!

So, guess I’ll just go on my merry way and start off and check the measurements after I get 3 or 4 inches knit.

Thanks for all the help! :muah: