Need help with Garter ridges

I am making a hat using open work garter ridges. The pattern says

Row1: purl
Row2: k2tog across
Row3: k1, m1 by knitting into the bar between the stitches taking care not to twist the loop

These rows went well, but now do I start again with Row 1 or continue repeating rows 2 and 3?


If it doesn’t say just to repeat 2 and 3, I’d do them all. Actually, I think you’ll really need that row, because it would be too hard to k2tog all the way across a row that was k1, m1.

Include row 1 in the repeat. For garter ridges (as opposed to garter stitch) patterns, you need to do a purl every so many rows.


Oh well, so I am doing it wrong. It is a little hard to K2tog after the M1 row, but doable. I actually really like the way the pattern looks. I am making a hat with the shape of Half Dome from the new Knitty, but with the garter ridges pattern (or whatever it would be called now). It has a honeycomb crocheted kind of look and that was my plan so all is working out.


If you want to keep doing it that way, go ahead. Just remember you’ll have to do more rows, but it probably tells you to keep goins for X many inches anyway.