Need help with front border and collar of sweater


I’m working on a sweater called Usk by Rowan. I’ve skipped ahead to read about the front border and

collar and got lost in the pattern.
I understand I have to pick up sts along the border that adds up to 226sts.
Using circular needles I’m suppose to rib. Row 1 and 2 goes like this…
Row 1 (WS) P2, K2,P2, rep from * to end
Row 2 * K2,P2, rep from
to last 2 sts, K2.
These 2 rows form rib
Work 3 rows more in rib, ending with RS facing for next row…
(it sounds like rib at this juncture is only single rows not together as 2 rows)
(But then it write)
Row 6 (RS) Rib 166, wrap next st (by slipping next st from left needle to right needle, taking yarn to opposite side of work between needles and then slipping same st back onto left needle (understood)
-when working back across wrapped sts, work the wrapping loop and the wrapped st together as one st and turn (little lost with which is the wrapping loop and which is the wrapped st)

Row 7 Rib 106… so I can’t seem to understand capital Rib and understand the number after… I don’t think its sts… but is it (K2, P2) number of times. or both rows…make up Rib. I’m a bit confused and would appreciate any help.


The 2 rows are how to work the ribbing but each one counts as a single row. Don’t think of them as occurring in pairs. They are single rows.

When the pattern says rib 166 it means rib 166sts or work the first 166 sts in the rib pattern (k2, p2).

The directions for row 6 are for short rows worked by wrap & turn. When you work the wrap & turn, the yarn strand forms a wrap or collar around the next stitch. This collar is the wrapping loop and the stitch with the collar is the wrapped stitch.


Thank you salmonmac! I remember you helping me before… I picked up knitting again and am determine to finish this sweater. I’m on the left arm now and just reading ahead.