Need help with French Girl Fantine Pattern

I am a fairly new knitter (about 4 months) and I am having some trouble with the Fantine sweater pattern. The pattern calls for LCS and RCS which I am comfortable with, but it says to LCS, P1, LCS, (work to 1 st before marker, kinc, sm, kinc) 4 times, work to last 5 sts, RCS, P1, RCS
Does “work to 1 st…” mean to just knit or do I keep doing the LCS, P1, LSC?
Thanks for any help!!

The only picture of the sweater is done in black yarn and you can’t see the stitch pattern.
My problem is that if I don’t knit and instead continue LCS, P1, LCS, there aren’t enough stitches before the marker to do the LCS because it requires 2 stiches and there is only 1 stitch before the 1st stitch before the marker.

It just means to work until you have 1 st left before your marker on your Left hand needle. The instructions that follow will be for that stitch that is before the marker.

edit: Clara read the question. I’m sorry I am not sure…Is there a photo of the completed object that you can use to see what you should do? I am guessing you should work in pattern.