Need help with forest weave pattern by Yumiko

I’m confused by row 2 which is a wrong side row of what should be a primarily stocking net pattern. But the instructions say to knit the row and to Ktbl…shouldn’t this be mostly purled? I must be very dull headed today because I seem to be only knitter in the universe asking about this! Sorry and Thanks in advance!
Pattern on ravelry

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It may be that the stockinette starts after the first 2 rows. The knit tbl will give a sturdier seam at the sides which is less likely to stretch out of shape. There will be dropped sts as well so you will need an edge for the side seams.
This is such a graceful top. I’ve had it in my favorites for too long.


Thanks for the reply but it’s one instruction given for all ws rows not just row 2. I’ll try using the ktbl and see if it looks right. I wish the pattern had been charted. Sigh

That’s interesting. I’ve looked at some of the projects on Ravelry. It looks to me like only the sts on either side of the dropped sts are knit tbl. The other sts aren’t crossed but open as usual.
See this project for example. You can zoom in on the photo.
also this one

Here’s the actual instructions:

Row 1 and all RS rows except rows 13 [15, 15] and 37 [41, 43]: K1, *k-tbl, k8 [9, 10], k-tbl, p1; rep from *, end last rep with k1 instead of p1.

Row 2 and all WS rows: P1, *k-tbl, k8 [9, 10], k-tbl, k1; rep from *, end last rep with p1 instead of k1.

What you see is what I see; it’s just not what the pattern says so I’ve copied the actual text for you and others.

Thanks very much. That is helpful.
That confirms the photos in the projects. The k-tbl is only going to occur at the edges of what will be the dropped sts. So rather than knit the entire row through the back loop, it’s only the sts which will be either side of the stitch which will be dropped at some point.
What seems strange to me is that the rows you quoted seem like garter stitch where the stitches are all knit sts rather than stockinette as the photos show.

Isn’t it odd that so many people have made this and no one seems to mention the need to purl the wrong side??
I followed a link on ravelry to the designer’s website and found a ‘contact us’ page, perhaps a question directly to the designer will clear it up?
Here’s the contact page

Good luck. Its frustrating to be ready to get going on a pattern and have something hold you back for days.

That’s exactly why I’m so freaked out! I did send Yumiko an e-mail. I’m going to go boldly forward with my fingers crossed. Thanks everyone!

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Yumiko sent an errata for row 2. Glad I wasn’t just losing my mind. Here’s the correction:

Row 2 and all WS rows: P1, *p-tbl, p8 [9, 10], p-tbl, k1; rep from *, end last rep with p1 instead of k1.