need help with Floppy Brim Hat pattern please and thank you! NOT MY PATTERN



I have started this pattern that I have listed below and I do not understand the bottom part where it says Brim. What does it mean to pick up 88 stitches? How? I’m completely lost with the entirety of the Brim section. Any help would be fantastic :slight_smile:


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Here’s a video for picking up stitches that may help. You’ll be picking up one stitch for each cast on stitch.


when do I pick up the stitches?


After the decreases in the body of the hat, you’ll pull the remaining sts together, tighten up the sts and weave in the end of yarn. That’s when you go on to pick up the sts for the brim using a new end of yarn.


Hi again, thank you for the help so far. Maybe I shouldn’t have picked something so difficult haha :stuck_out_tongue:
I am not getting this. I do not know how to start this or what to use to even start


I watched the video, how does the new yarn stay??


In the beginning just hold the yarn tail in one of your hands, alongside the needle. Leave about 6 inches as a yarn tail. After you’ve picked up the first 5-6sts, the yarn will be stable. When you’ve finished the brim you can tighten up the beginning by pulling a bit on the yarn tail then weaving it into the knit fabric.

It seems like a scary step but it works out well. If you don’t like the look you can always pull out the picked up sts and start again. I like to use a crochet hook for this but a knitting needle will work as in the video.