Need help with finishing first sweater!

Ok-the pieces are all finished, now what?! I still have edging and joining to do but I am confused! Do I block the pieces first before edging and joining? Do the edging then blocking? Finish it all then block?? My pattern instructions are not clear. And does it matter what order I do the seaming? My pattern says to sew shoulder seams. Then do the edging. Then “sew in sleeves, seam sleeves, seam sides.” They are raglan sleeves if that makes any difference. Here is the pattern (not the best but it’s looking cute so far!):

I am so excited to be in the home stretch but feeling the stress of finishing it properly! TIA for any help!!


I don’t block pieces, even if they are curling. If I block a sweater, it’s only when it’s done in natural fibers. If its acrylic or a blend I just throw it in the wash when it’s done. Natural fiber sweaters get blocked when they’re done.

First you do the shoulders. Then lay it flat and open, right side up, and use mattress stitch to attach the raglan sleeve seams.

Then you sew up the sleeves to the armpit and up the side to the armpit. Some people make this a continuous seam, but I like to start at the edges so I know they’re even and if there’s any discrepency, I hide it in the armpit.

Thanks Ingrid for that clear explanation on seaming order- it makes sense to me!
As for blocking-the yarn I’m using is Crystal Palace Musique: 45% Acrylic, 40% wool and 15% cotton, so it’s a mix. The yarn wash instrictions say to hand wash or dry clean. So which blocking method should I use? I’ve read about damp blocking, pressing with an iron, etc. and it’s all so confusing to know which method to use!

Another question came up in the last hour–I just did the neckline edging but I forgot to pay attention to what side I picked up stitches on and now I’m not sure if the neckline is correct or not-It looks like the edging was attached on the outside, with the beginning of the edging on the “right” side facing out. It is that correct to should you not be able to see that beginning of the edging? I’ll take it out if I have to. :rollseyes:

Dain~I just want to do it right!

If you attached the ribbing to the wrong side, you’d see the top line of the edge of the body stitches on the outside. It would look like a seam. The right side should face you when you pick up stitches.

If I feel a sweater needs to be blocked, I usually wash it in the sink with some wool wash, roll it in several towels and step on them to get the water out and then lay it to dry in the measurements I want.

If I think the fit is good, I don’t necessarily block.